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At Kotinos Tales, we create unforgettable sports and travel experiences in Greece.
Guided by our passion for sports and the joy of exploration in the beauty of our country, we offer a range of services that combine entertainment, self-improvement, and a connection with nature.

Team Sports Travels

Teams and sports clubs have the opportunity to train for preparation camps or international tournaments, enjoying a unique experience that leads to team development. Our specialized partners will listen to your specific needs and guide you in organizing individual events.

Sports Events
Team Bonding Camps
Sports and Culture

Sports Events: From friendly matches to professional tournaments, Kotinos Tales, through its network of sports organizations, offers unforgettable events that contribute to your team’s development.

Team Bonding Camps: Experience special moments in Greece’s enchanting landscapes, where training becomes unique, and team bonding reaches a new level.

Sports and Culture: Greece is not just a magical place for your team’s preparation; it is a country with a rich history and unique culture. Combine training sessions with visits to famous historical monuments, archaeological sites, and immerse yourself in local traditions and cultural customs of this beautiful country.

Experiences for Individual Sports

Kotinos Tales offers exciting moments through individual sports events. Explore the sport that suits you and enjoy a sports experience that combines participation with exploration.


Running: Put on your running shoes and take on the challenge of participating in exciting running races throughout Greece. From marathons to trail runs along hidden paths, experience the joy of crossing the finish line at famous or lesser-known points of Greece’s awe-inspiring countryside.

Triathlon: Discover the world of triathlon and push your limits in breathtaking landscapes. From swimming in the Greek seas to cycling through stunning routes and running against impressive backdrops created by nature itself, Kotinos Tales’ triathlon events offer unforgettable adventures.

Swimming: The beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters of Greece provide the perfect setting for swimming events that invite you to surpass your limits. This sport thrives in its natural environment, and Kotinos Tales becomes your guide to discover it.

Experience the thrill of sports while enjoying the beauty of Greece with Kotinos Tales.

Our team is ready to create personalized experience packages.


Contact us today to organize an unforgettable sports and travel adventure together.