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Discover the secret to unforgettable experiences at Kotinos Tales.

We specialize in crafting moments that rekindle the joy of the extraordinary.

Harnessing the splendor of Greece’s natural beauty, we curate extraordinary travel and sports experiences that embody the ancient Greek spirit while adhering to modern standards. Through our meticulous planning, we transform these experiences into unforgettable moments of pure pleasure. From the captivating seas to the majestic mountains, our country becomes the perfect backdrop for sports events and training periods, unlocking the full potential of every athlete.

With a wealth of experience in the sports industry and an unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we infuse every project with a narrative that celebrates strength, sportsmanship, noble competition, and the triumphant crowning with laurel or olive wreaths. This is the driving force behind our passion for delivering mythical athleisure moments.

Follow the Greek spirit

Greece offers its unique atmosphere at every moment. In the nature of this country, we host sports and travel experiences that become unforgettable, thanks to our team of specialized partners who take care of every detail. The result is a series of stories where sports and culture combine in perfect harmony.

There are no boundaries to the sports and travel experiences designed by Kotinos Tales. From exhilarating hikes and cycling adventures in breathtaking mountains to thrilling rafting and kayaking on rushing rivers, and from championship-level training on land and sea, we craft adventures against the backdrop of Greece's awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

We go beyond your desires

Creativity and innovation

Not all journeys are created equal, and at Kotinos Tales, we ensure that each time you embark on an adventure, it is truly extraordinary. Our team excels at listening to your desires and crafting bespoke proposals that make your story uniquely yours. From the initial spark of an idea to the final realization, we blend creativity and innovation with meticulous attention to detail, surpassing every expectation.


Athletic venues

We understand the true essence of sports events. At Kotinos Tales, our dedicated team meticulously plans and organizes athletic or training camps in the most suitable locations across Greece. Through our extensive network of partners, we offer a wide range of options, from popular destinations to hidden gems, whether on islands or the mainland. Rest assured, we will recommend the ideal venue that aligns perfectly with the needs of your sports event.



What makes an experience truly enjoyable? It’s the element of unforgettable hospitality. In Greece, we understand the significance of this concept, and at Kotinos Tales, we base every proposition on an unparalleled sense of familiarity, positive attitude, and comprehensive service. From the comfort of your journey to your accommodation and dining experiences, each moment is meticulously designed to create memories that will last a lifetime, allowing you to savor the authentic Greek way of hospitality.


Are you ready to embark on your unforgettable adventure with Kotinos Tales?

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