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Our Sport and Business services are designed to provide unique opportunities for organizations and companies seeking the rejuvenating power of sports.

Business Travels with a Sporting Twist

We redefine the concept of business travel by enriching the daily agenda with sports activities. At Kotinos Tales, our Business Travels service combines work with the passion for sports, making the overall experience more enjoyable.

Sports at Business Events

Every business event becomes more exciting when it includes a sports element. From official conferences to corporate gatherings, Kotinos Tales gives you the opportunity to incorporate sports into your agenda, delivering a significant message while creating an unforgettable experience that strengthens teamwork among your staff.

Building Bonds through Sports

Our Bonding Through Sport corporate events offer a unique opportunity to foster team bonding in the most enjoyable and entertaining way. Kotinos Tales designs personalized sports experiences that combine your business goals with unique athletic activities.

At Kotinos Tales, we seamlessly blend the corporate world

with the magic of sports to create unique and impressive experiences
that enhance the cohesion of your team.


Contact us today to discover how our Sports and Business services

can be applied to your organization.